Spoturno is a company created by Véronique Spoturno Coty, whose purpose is to perpetuate the exceptional olfactory work of her great-grandfather, founder of the Parfumerie Moderne, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for today's perfumers, in order to transcend the innovative, conquering and audacious spirit of SPOTURNO to create new masterpieces.

As the bearer of a heritage, holder of the name, of the family coat of arms, of the original formulas of almost all of her grandfather's olfactory creations, surrounded by experts and passionate about perfumery, Véronique Coty has all the assets and the vision to build and develop a French Haute Parfumerie brand with a strong dimension of authenticity, meaning, commitment, faithful to the visionary, aesthetic, innovative and daring spirit of her ancestor.

An exceptional brand DNA with unique and rare assets, a worldwide appeal that perfectly matches the trends of luxury perfumes and beauty with its own modern production method.