100 years later

Spoturno 192, The rebirth of a masterpiece

Limited Edition I - "Chapelle"

The original formula of SPOTURNO 1921 comes from the old books of the olfactory creations of the father of Modern Perfumery of which Véronique Coty is the heir.

A subtle fragrance whose visionary and aesthete creator was able to find the perfect balance between the powdery, floral and citrus notes, underlined by the traditional animalic infusions of the time.

A two-leaf metal chapel case with an outer decoration of large and small emerald crackles linked by a white gold kintsugi and an inner decoration of moss green paper and mirrors.

Its composition was adapted and sublimated according to the criteria and constraints of the regulations of our time by the House PARFUM COSMETIC WORLD FRANCE in Grasse, under the remarkable direction of Patrice Blaizot.

The citrus freshness of bergamot and lemon enriched by the powdery aromatic freshness of lavender, and the frosty cleanliness of caraway seeds opens to the floral heart of the perfume.

A rich, sensual, feminine, addictive floral bouquet with extracts of jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, violet and orange blossom.

A welcoming accord of sweet woods; sandalwood, vetiver roots and patchouli leaves on a powdery bed of heliotrope, tonka beans, vanilla and musky notes.

Dimensions: h.19 cm x L.13 cm x l. 8,5 cm

"Chapelle" case

This chapel is a true work of art in itself.

Sheathed in a material worked in a kintsugi style by the famous Atelier l'Etoile, whose authors love the "Poetry of materials".

The unique decoration from one chapel to another gives a mineral effect tinted with a dominant emerald color that pays tribute to the eponymous perfume created in 1921 by François Coty.

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The bottle

This crystal bottle is numbered and contains 100 ML of perfume.

It was made by Waltersperger, a century-old glassmaker, thus enhancing French know-how.

The stopper and the "emery" neck, glass against glass "as before", is considered today as a technical feat.

Accompanied by a four-handed work with Adrian Colin (MOF), in the service of the rebirth of a century-old perfume.

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the implosion cap

Adrian Colin is an exceptional glassmaker, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, based in Dinan.

The glass is entirely hand formed, each stopper is unique.

The grip is made of transparent glass enclosing in its heart a floral pattern in white glass called "Implosion".
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A word from the founder : Véronique Coty